Vin Bouquet Boston Cocktail Shaker

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Vin Bouquet Boston Cocktail Shaker

Shake your cocktails to perfection with the Vin Bouquet Boston Cocktail Shaker. Made from durable stainless steel and glass, the shaker has a sleek design that will look great with any barware collection. The perfect multi-tasker, the shaker consists of a stainless steel tin and a metal glass that you can use to shake or stir up cocktails. Create delicious, professional cocktails thanks to the Vin Bouquet Boston Cocktail Shaker. Try anything from a sharp Margarita to a sweet Pina Colada, expertly shaken up ensuring the perfect end result.
  • Specifications

    • Shake & stir up cocktails like a professional
    • Perfect for impressing guests
    • Sleek design looks great
    • Durable stainless steel & glass construction
    • Rubber grip for ease of use
    • Try creating Margaritas & Daiquiris
    • Achieve professional standard cocktails

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