Swiss Diamond XD Classic Fry Pan 28cm

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Product Information

Cook your favourite pan-fried or sautéed dishes with ease using the Swiss Diamond Classic XD 28cm Frypan. With the enhanced non-stick property of this cookware, you can make your breaded fish fillets and sautéed vegetables without the time-consuming cleanup. You can even cook with little to no oil for healthier meal options. Whether you want to indulge or eat light, your dishes will always come out perfect with the help of the Swiss Diamond Classic XD 28cm Frypan.
Key Features:
  • Cast-aluminium body distributes heat uniformly and efficiently to prevent hot spots and reduce energy consumption
  • Diamond-reinforced coating improves durability and non-stick features for healthier cooking
  • Improved seal between the cooking surface and base protects the cookware from corrosion
  • Has an ergonomic, stay-cool handle for easy lifting and transferring
  • Extra thick cast-aluminium base will not tip, warp, or spin
  • Suitable for use on gas, electric, radiant ring, ceramic, and halogen cooktops
  • Equip your kitchen with the full range of Swiss Diamond Classic XD cookware

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