Wilkie Brothers Wallace Cutlery Set 42pc

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Wilkie Bros have expanded their range of kitchenware to include cutlery from their everyday range such as this Wilkie Brothers Wallace Cutlery Set.

Making great quality stainless steel cutlery available at an affordable price for every table. In fact, this Wilkie Brothers Wallace Cutlery Set features a sleek and sophisticated style which would enhance any table setting from the most formal to the casual backyard barbeque. 

This set contains 6 of each of table knives, table forks, entree knives and forks along with dessert spoons and soup spoons and of course teaspoons. The team at Wilkie Bros have designed each piece to be perfectly balanced with a modern and also timeless design.

Wilkie Brothers Wallace Cutlery Set 42pc details:

  • Setting for 6
  • Best Suited for everyday dining
  • Made from quality stainless steel also with a mirror polish
  • English thread pattern
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • 6 x Table Knives
  • 6 x Table Forks
  • 6 x Entree Knives
  • 6 x Entree Forks
  • 6 x Dessert Spoons
  • 6 x Soup Spoons
  • 6 x Teaspoons

About Wilkie Brothers: Blending Scottish heritage and also modern aesthetics, Wilkie Brothers cutlery is for the discerning buyer. Furthermore, the timeless design of the fine dining collections ensures your table setting will continue to look as good as the day you bought it. In addition, the team at Wilkie Bros blend their Scottish Heritage of craftsmanship to give a contemporary look to quality cutlery.

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