Himalayan Rock Salt Ceramic Grinder

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This Pure & Natural Salt contains 84 Minerals & Trace Elements your body requires for optimum health.

Grinding Pure & Natural Himalayan Salt onto your meal can be a game changer – it is the most versatile & universal ingredient and a nutritional necessity. It’s surely the most powerful food enhancer in cooking!

A Classic, high quality grinder for the smaller table. The brushed stainless steel top and easy to hold glass body is all class! Once again with all the fantastic features of The Original Black Top Grinder it holds 75ml of ingredient. This fabulous grinder is ideal for restaurants, caravans and anyone who wants to maintain that classic smaller look!

All our grinders are built for convenience and function. Unlike other grinders they have their grinding mechanism on the top of the grinder, ensuring your salt & pepper only ends up on your food – not all over your table! The Ceramic Grinder is non-corrosive, won’t absorb flavours and is easily adjustable from a fine to course grind. Don’t you hate having to constantly refill your grinders or worse still – throw them away!. When you do need to refill simply unscrew the top. The wide opening ensures a mess-free refill.

Ingredients: Himalayan Salt

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