Garcima La Ideal Paella Pan 38cm

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Product Information

The Garcima paella pan with 2 signature red handles is an authentic, Spanish made paella pan. It's made from cold high quality laminated steel, spun to form the pan shape and then polished by hand. To produce a stronger pan less susceptible to warping, Garcima uses a thicker gauge steel than usual and La Ideal is the most used brand of paella pans in Spain. The pan features low flared sides which allow the food to be mixed with ease and still stay inside the pan as well as pitted concave bottom which allows oil to pool in the middle for deep frying of garlic and other ingredients. The pan needs to to be seasoned before and after each use to prevent rusting. Suitable for gas stove, paella gas burners or open fire. Hand wash only. This 38cm paella has enough space for 6 full or 8 smaller, tapas portions of paella.

Key Features:
  • Laminated steel
  • Spun and polished by hand
  • Seasoning required
  • Suitable for induction
  • Suitable for use with a gas stove, paella gas burners or open fires
  • Hand wash only

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