Ecology Grater

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Ecology Acacia Provisions 4 Sided Grater

The Ecology Acacia Provisions range has brought to the market an affordable line of designer kitchen tools that are both good to look at and good for the environment. Manufactured in an energy efficient factory and produced using materials that are virtually chemical free and packaging that is made entirely from recycled and sustainable materials. 

The Ecology Acacia Provisions 4 Sided Grater is both stylish and functional. Constructed from strong, mirror finish stainless steel and a sturdy acacia wood handle, each side of the grater offers a different surface. The fine surface is ideal for citrus zest, Parmesan, garlic and things like nutmeg. The coarse side is ideal for soft cheeses and veggies and the ultra coarse is good for Cheddar and Mozzarella. The final slicer side would handle your potatoes, cucumbers and other veggies. 

With a broad base to sit firmly on your preparation surface this grater is easy to use and will stay sharp for long term use. We recommend hand washing this item. 

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