Davis & Waddell Portable Infusion Smoker

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Davis & Waddell Portable Infusion Smoker

Keeping up with the latest culinary trends is an essential part of home entertaining so step up the flavour and bask in the theatre when you add a hint of smoke to your meals and even your pre-dinner cocktails. Using the Davis & Waddell Infusion Smoker is as easy as laying the smoking apparatus flat, loading the open receptacle loosely with fine natural wood chips, placing the smoke nozzle into a covered container, flicking the switch and lighting it up. Experiment with a combination of dried herbs or even exotic tea leaves when you smoke butter, garlic, meat, fish, delicate vegetables, cheese and even drinks. From oysters to beer, honey to nuts or mayonnaise, the possibilities are endless.

The unit has a built-in filtered fan which will cool the smoke; cold smoking will not dry out delicate foods. After 2-3 minutes remove the nozzle and turn off the machine, sealing the smoke in with your food to let the flavour set. Do not operate unless the mesh filter in place.

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