Daudignac Chocolate Making Set

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Designed by pastry chef Jean Daudignac this graduated 0.5L piston funnel is very multi-purpose. You can decorate sauces or coulis on your plates, precisely and cleanly fill glass jars, ramekins, moulds and all types of containers and also serve your hot or cold preparations.
Simply squeeze the trigger until dough flows precisely, without any waste, then release it to the filling stops instantly. The funnel can be used in a bain-marie or microwave so you can maintain temperature, heat or warm your preparations while keeping the contents in the funnel. It adapts to the liquid preparations such as molten chocolate or creams.

Kit contains:

4 chocolate silicone moulds (square, round, heart & dome)
1 automatic funnel with 9 parts
1 metal cooling rack
1 mini spatula
4 gold gift boxes
2 recipe booklets

Pour the filling into the funnel.
Warm in the microwave or bain-marie if needed.
Position the funnel above the chosen container or mould.
Press the trigger button to let the filling out.
Release the trigger, filling stops immediately.
4 different sized silicone tips to adjust the flow as needed.

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