Chasseur Round French Oven 24cm 4L Celestial Grey

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Chasseur Round French Oven 24cm 4L Celestial Grey

The Chasseur Round French Oven is the absolute essential piece of any kitchen! From grandma's famous red wine braised leg of lamb to a traditional pot roast, the Chasseur Round French Oven can do it all!

Handcrafted in France, this versatile double-coated enamelled cast iron French Oven can be used for stewing, roasting, searing, and braising. The self-basting lid creates the perfect seal, enclosing flavours and aromas while retaining moisture. The best point? Your food's nutritional value will not be lost!

Effortlessly serve it from oven to table as this lovely cookware's  colour will be a conversational piece!


  • Celestial Grey colour
  • Made from double-coated enamelled cast iron
  • Durable
  • Measures 24cm
  • 4L capacity
  • Suitable for all cook tops, including induction
  • Self-basting rings under lid
  • Only low to medium heat required
  • Oven to table
  • Oven proof to 250°C
  • Dishwasher safe, but hand wash recommended
  • Made in France

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