Baby Girl Gift Box



The joy which a baby brings is unparalleled. The birth of a new baby is a time for celebration. If you can’t be there, send the best wishes on the birth of a baby boy or girl. Trust us even the babies will appreciate the beautiful presents their parents will receive on their behalf!

From baby girl boxes to baby boy gifts, or neutral gift sets, we have it covered.   Our boxes can be customised any way you want, and delivered in the quantity of your choice, hassle free.

This box includes the following:

    • 3 Face Washers
    • 1 Pair Of Baby Socks
    • Pram Toy
    • 2 Baby Bottles
    • 50g Baby Powder
    • 1 Baby Bib
    • 5 Nappies
    • 20 Nappy Bags
    • 50ml Baby Shampoo
    • Baby Wipes
    • Baby Dummy
    • 50ml Baby Lotion
    • Baby Blanket
    • 230ml Baby Massage Oil
    • Baby Head Band
    • Baby Hand/Foot Print Set
    • Mothers Bath Bomb
    • Mother's Cleanser 
    • Mother's Face Masks

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