Avanti Dice Whisky Stones/Set 4

$22.95 $35.95


Avanti Dice Whisky Stones/Set 4

No more watered down whiskey with these handy Avanti Whiskey Stones in your glass. Store these stainless steel cubes in your freezer then place them in your drink to keep it cool without affecting its taste. The attractive dice detail even adds interest to your favourite cocktail or cold tea.
Key Features:
  • Includes four pieces of reusable stainless steel dice-shaped cubes
  • Keeps your beverages chilled after being stored in the freezer
  • Food-safe stainless steel cubes are non-absorbent and do not give any off-flavours to your drink or food
  • Perfect for enjoying whiskey, cocktails, and other cold drinks without being watered down by melted ice
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel ice cubes that also work great for cooling down your soups or coffee, healing bumps and bruises, or keeping packed food cold and fresh

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