9 Hour Tealights Bulk (Pack of 126)



9 Hour Tealights Bulk (126 x Tealight Pack)

The best quality tealights that burn smoke free for a full 9 hours. Our box containing 126 tealights is incredibly popular for both home users and for businesses such as day spa's and alternative therapy consultants.

Not all tealights are the same. This box of high quality 9 hour tealights is perfect for all applications.  Lead free wicks means these tealights burn evenly without smoking for a good 9 hours. 

Features of the  9 Hour Tealight Candle 

Burn Time : 9 Hours
Scent Type: Unscented
Wax Type: Wax
Candle Type: Tealight
Size: 3.8cm wide x 2.5cm high
Features: Silver Surrounds
  Lead free wicks.
Clean Burning.


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