Avanti Whistling Kettle 2.5L

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Are you being served?

Thanks to Avanti, you’re about to be! 

With a myriad of shining serving vessels and prep tools in their wings, Avanti fly in to your kitchen to inspire your everyday cooking. Their material of choice is gleaming stainless steel, which not only looks fabulous, but is robust enough for the rigours of kitchen life.

This stainless steel whistling kettle is a hark back to the boiling billy, with a futuristic whistling noise to let you know when the water is boiled! Sit the kettle on your stove and the encapsulated base will heat up in no time at all. The spout is also trigger operated, and can be opened from the ergonomic heat resistant handle. 

All these traditional elements have been combined in a contemporary design. You won’t know what year it is! With a generous 2.5 litre capacity, this stainless steel kettle is durable, effective, modern and practical, ticking all of the important boxes.

  • Whistling kettle.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Heat resistant nylon handle.
  • Safe for most cooktops, including induction.
  • Trigger operated spout cap.

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